The Abbo Card (Pre-Booking Card) gives to our customers the possibility to pay on advanced for any service they may wish. It works as a saving account. Customers can utilize the registered amount upto consuming it completely.

The AbboCard is valid for 729 days, it can be transferred to a third party with our authorization and for an additional admin. fee of 44.00 EUR. It can not be transformed into a Gift Certificate.

Once a customer buys an abbocard, will receive included a extra bonus: a gift certificate associated to the abbocard.  After consuming any service with the abbocard the value of the abbocard will be re-calculated.

Buy buying an abbocard you provide the LDMF Foundation with financial means necessary for the development of its projects.

Even if you do not know which services to buy or consume yet, but you are certain you would like to consume some along the following 729 days or transfer it to another person for them to consume our services.

Contact us for more details.