A gift certificate is a document that entitles its holder to certain benefits. In our case, it is a payment on advanced, that can be used in any or in a limited number of services. The LDMF Foundation may accept customers to pay for its services in gift certificates, tokkens, points, or abbo cards. The maximum amount to be paid in gift certificates need to be verified for each service. The customers are responsible to verify the maximum they are welcome to pay with gift certificates for any service or product. The services or products indicate a % payable with gift certificates, that vary from 5% to 45%.

Gift Certificate holders can transfer the gift certificate to a third party by informing the LDMF Foundation on advanced (name, email, ID of the new gift certificate holder). A gift certificate can be transferred up to 3 times. There is no refund. The gift certificate is valid 729 days. It is associated to a name, ID, and e-mail. After transfer or buy, needs to be validated by email confirmation.